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Walk-in Cooler Repair

Walk-in Cooler Repair in Los Angeles, California

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    Walk-in Cooler Repair

    Walk-in Coolers are an essential part of many businesses, especially in food and beverage establishments. They provide the necessary cooling to keep food and beverages at the optimal temperatures for safe consumption. Unfortunately, due to their complexity, they can often break down or require maintenance. When that happens, it’s important to call a professional repair service as soon as possible.

    That’s where ASP Engineering Inc. comes in. We are a commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance service located in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas who specialize in walk-in cooler repair and maintenance. Our team of experienced technicians has years of experience fixing all types of walk-in coolers, so you can be sure your walk-in cooler will be fixed quickly and correctly. We understand how important it is to have a working walk-in cooler, so we make it a priority to fix them as soon as possible.

    We also offer regularly scheduled maintenance plans that help keep your walk-in cooler in peak operating condition and prevent expensive repair costs down the line. Our maintenance plans are tailored to fit your walk-in cooler’s specific needs and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your walk-in cooler is in good hands.

    Common Signs of a Malfunctioning Walk-In Cooler:

    1. Unusual noises coming from the unit, such as humming or buzzing. This could be caused by loose parts, damaged refrigeration components, or something else entirely.
    2. Noticing your food spoiling faster than normal, which is usually an indication that the cooler motor is not running properly.
    3. Warm air entering the walk-in cooler when you open the door; this could mean a broken seal or door gasket and indicates that colder air isn’t being maintained inside the unit.
    4. Excessive frost build up within the walk-in cooler, which could indicate an issue with the defrost system or perhaps dirty condenser coils that need to be cleaned and inspected for proper function.
    5. Ice buildup on shelves, walls, or other surfaces inside of the walk-in cooler; this could mean that temperatures are not being maintained at their required level to keep food from freezing and will require further investigation from an experienced technician to determine what’s causing it.
    6. An increase in your electric bill due to excessive power consumption; this again may be due to faulty refrigeration components or parts otherwise malfunctioning within the unit itself and needs to be looked at right away before any more damage is done.
    7. The temperature inside of your walk-in cooler rising above its designated range; this could mean a defective compressor, issues with cooling fans within its evaporator coil, problems with its expansion valve/valve tube, or even something as simple as a clogged drain line causing improper circulation of cold air throughout its interior spaces.

    As you can see, there are many potential signs that something might be wrong with your walk-in cooler that should never be ignored – make sure you call an experienced professional right away if you notice any of these symptoms so they can come diagnose and fix whatever problem may lie beneath! With our experienced technicians and affordable rates, you can rest assured that your walk-in cooler will be repaired or maintained quickly and professionally. Call us today at (805) 203-3748 for all of your walk-in cooler repair and maintenance needs in the Los Angeles area! We guarantee satisfaction with every job!