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Commercial Freezer Repair

Commercial Freezer Repair in Los Angeles, California

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    Commercial Freezer Repair

    Are you in need of commercial freezer repair or maintenance services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas? ASP Engineering Inc. provides dependable and reliable commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance services for businesses that require efficient cooling systems.

    Commercial freezers are an invaluable asset to many businesses, as they provide a safe and secure way to store food products at the desired temperature. Unfortunately, like any other machine, commercial freezers can suffer damages and break down due to mechanical malfunctions, improper installation, power outages or natural disasters. When these issues occur, it is important to have a trusted service provider that can promptly fix the problem before further damage occurs.

    At ASP Engineering Inc., our experienced technicians are trained on a variety of brands and models of commercial freezers so that they can identify any potential issues early on, minimizing the possibility of future repairs. Our team is highly skilled in all aspects of troubleshooting and fixing commercial freezers, from hardware repairs to electrical wiring and system diagnostics. We also offer regular maintenance services that help ensure your commercial freezer is operating efficiently and safely – saving you money in the long run!

    When scheduling an appointment with us for commercial freezer repair or maintenance services, one of our certified technicians will come out to your business location at a time that best suits your needs. During this visit the technician will inspect your system for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear and thoroughly test each component for proper operation. They will then provide you with their findings so you are aware of any issues that need attention right away as well as any preventative maintenance recommendations. Once all necessary repairs have been completed and/or maintenance has been conducted, we will provide you with detailed documentation so you have records for future reference if needed.

    Signs it’s Time to Repair Your Walk-In Freezer:

    1. The machine isn’t running at all – If your freezer isn’t running at all, you may have a problem with the power supply or the motor itself. Check that the power cord and outlet are working properly before calling for service.
    2. Unusual Sounds – If there is an unusual noise coming from your commercial freezer such as buzzing, humming, clicking or grinding noises, this could be an indicator of an issue with the compressor or fan motor inside the unit.
    3. Temperature Variations – Commercial freezers should maintain a consistent temperature between 0°F and 5°F. If you notice that the temperature within your freezer is not cold enough or fluctuating throughout the day, this could indicate that something needs to be serviced either internally or externally.
    4. Excessive Ice Buildup – Ice buildup in a commercial freezer can become problematic if left unchecked. It’s normal for there to be some frost accumulation over time; however, excessive ice inside of the unit can quickly lead to inefficient cooling due to air flow obstruction as well as increased energy usage costs due to decreased efficiency ratings for your machine.
    5. Condensation Buildup – In addition to ice build up, condensation buildup on the walls and ceiling of your commercial freezer can also indicate an issue with temperature regulation within the interior of the machine. This could also cause increased energy usage costs if not addressed in a timely manner by experienced professionals such as those at ASP Engineering Inc..
    6. Odd Smells Coming from Your Freezer- If there is an odd smell coming from inside of your unit, it’s possible that food has gone bad and spoiled due to improper storage conditions or incorrect temperatures settings on your machine settings were off balance due to faulty internal components such as thermostats, compressors, gaskets etc..

    ASP Engineering Inc.’s goal is to keep your business running smoothly by providing top quality commercial freezer repair services quickly while maintaining the highest safety standards possible. We understand how important it is for businesses to have access to reliable equipment – so if you’re looking for professionals who specialize in commercial freezer repair in Los Angeles or surrounding areas don’t hesitate to contact us today!