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Price – Chilled Sails

Advantages – Energy EfficiencyUsing panels or sails to satisfy sensible room loads instead of all-air systems, greatly reduces the supply air volume required (typically by 60-80%).  This leads to reduced fan power requirements and associated energy savings. 
Thermal Comfort – Radiation

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Price – Genesis Fan Powered Terminal Unit

Introducing Price Genesis, the industry’s most innovative fan terminal. The Price Genesis fan powered terminals are the most durable, easily accessible, energy efficient and quiet operating terminals available on the market today. In an industry where efficiency and reliability are essential,

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Price – Operating Room HORD System

The Price HORD System
Meets stringent ventilation requirements of today’s operating rooms Controls air movement from linear slots and discharges a vertical curtain of airClean air curtain separates clean air from contaminated room airExceeds the American College of Surgeons’ air cleanliness

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Price – DDC BacNet PIC Controller

The Price Intelligent Controller (PIC) is a universal DDC control package that offers a new level of zone control. An advanced and configurable proportional integral (PI) controller allows for exceptional user comfort and energy efficiency. Installation of the controller and thermostat

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Greenheck DOAS RV(E)

 new rooftop ventilation unit, Model RV/RVE, fully conditions and controls any mixture of outdoor and return air. Designed for rooftop installations, Model RV/RVE is easily configurable making it ideal for HVAC systems in commercial or institutional applications including schools,

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Smardt – Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Chillers

In conjunction with Thermal Systemshttp://thermalsystemsaz.com/
Revolutionary Savings for the Built Environment – Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges – 60 TR through 1200 TR in water cooled,

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Triatek – Hospital and Laboratory Room Monitors and Pressure Controllers

With an integrated precision measuring system and an aesthetically pleasing, user friendly, touch sensitive, full color TFT display, configuring room parameters has never been easier. Highly sensitive, pressures or flow to 0.0001”WC can be measured with the FMS1650.
Building automation systems

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Triatek – Laboratory and Hospital Venturi Valves

Triatek Venturi Valves: VV SeriesAvailable in aluminum or stainless steel, the Triatek VV Series Venturi Valve is ideal for controlling air flow for both supply and return or exhaust ducts based on the CFM flow set by the actuator.
Pressure independent,

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Uponor Pex A Tubing

10 Reasons to use Uponor PEX Tubing
1.  Uponor PEX is clean, healthy and safe: no solder, flux, glues or solvents to worry about2.  Uponor PEX has a 25-year warranty on plumbing systems and a 30-year warranty on radiant heating systems

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Greenheck Vector CD

Designed to withstand up to 125 mph windloads without guide wiresAMCA certified air, sound and induced fan flow performance (AMCA 210, 300, 260) performance (third party verification)Available in belt and direct drive configurationConfigurable in single, double, and triple systemsMeets ANSI Z9.5,

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